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Japanese Visa for Diplomatic / Official: diplomatic, official

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Japanese Visa for Diplomatic / Official

Scope and Diplomatic / Official visas

Diplomatic (Examples: constituent members of diplomatic mission, diplomatic couriers, etc.)
Official (Examples: administrative and technical employees of diplomatic missions and members of the service staff, etc.)

Japanese Visa for Diplomatic / Official

Period of VISA for Diplomatic: diplomatic, official : The period during which the foreign national will be engaged in the diplomatic activities.
Period of VISA for Official: diplomatic, official) : 3 years, 1 year, 3 months, 30 days or 15 days

Required documents of the visa applicant

1. Passport
2. One visa application form (nationals of Russia or NIS countries need to submit two visa application forms)
3. Note verbale and/or documents issued by the foreign government or international organization, certifying the identity of the person concerned and his or her purposes while visiting Japan.
4. Visa application form (In some cases this can be omitted)

Not all official passport holders can obtain an official visa (status of residence: official). Please note that if you are coming to Japan for a purpose other than official business, such as a holiday, tourism, transit, etc., you will be granted a short-term stay (period of stay of 15 days, 30 days or 90 days) status of residence, and will not be exempt from the obligation to provide your fingerprints and other biological information when you enter Japan.

Please also note that the nationalities eligible for visa exemptions are different for official passport holders compared to general passport holders.


Booklet “New residence management system begins (Monday) July 9, 2012”

●Booklet “New residence management system begins (Monday) July 9, 2012”
(¥3,150[tax included]+Carriage\500)
In it the target of a new residence management system, between the medium and long-term foreign residents in our country have a status of residence on the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.