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We are looking for an agent who can sell/buy M&A deals on a full commission basis

We are looking for an agent who can work as a partner in our firm to sell/buy M&A (mergers and acquisitions) deals. We are looking for M&A agents who are willing to work outside of our office hours, regardless of experience or time, because we pay full commission and you will only earn what you achieve.

Advantages for M&A agents and partners

1. the highest commissions in the industry, starting from just one deal. Sales staff who are confident in their sales skills are welcome to contact us.
2. no initial costs, so there is no contract fee or initial investment as in other businesses. You can concentrate on achieving results from scratch with just one body.
3. solid support. Specialist staff at the head office will support you so you can concentrate on your sales activities.
4. Large range of products handled. The M&A field has a wide range of peripheral businesses, so you can avoid missing out and improve your profits.

M&A agency method and application process

We ask you to explain M&A to customers and process their applications. It requires serious activity, but we will pay you the highest incentive in the industry based on your performance.

The application process is as follows

Apply using the application button at the bottom of this page. A member of our team will contact you to set up an appointment for you to visit our office.

You will be invited to visit our office to discuss the details during a meeting with our representative.

Once you understand the details, you will be given a contract, so please bring your personal seal and seal registration certificate.

Once the screening and registration are completed, you can start your activities.

Applying to M&A agents