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New-Japan Business Consulting | Business strategy reports, Marketing, business matching and M&A in Japan

Thank you for accessing the New-Japan Business Consulting. The firm advises on Business strategy reports, Marketing, business matching & especially mergers and acquisitions and specialises in FA (one-sided remuneration only), located near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office and at the south exit of Shinjuku Station, the largest station in Japan. Our policy is not to act as an intermediary, so our clients do not have to bear the burden of intermediary fees.
We specialise in licensing business and provide comprehensive business management support, including business planning, medium-term business planning, marketing and M&A related to business strategy formulation, business planning and new business development for growth-oriented companies. On the buy-side, in particular, we have gained a strong reputation for providing support right through to PMI.
In 2008, we were the first in the industry to introduce ERP. We meet our clients’ expectations with unparalleled speed and reliable quality that sets us apart from others, and we are able to provide both higher quality services than other firms individually and more reasonably priced than strategic consulting firms and major law firms specialising in corporate law. As an M&A firm specialising in other areas than licensing business, we are requested by numerous small and medium-sized companies to find M&A buyers for them. If you have M&A needs as a client, we would be happy to exchange information with you.
Thanks to your support, we have been patronised by clients from various sectors, including the financial sector such as banking and insurance, transport and transportation, manufacturing, real estate developers, food and beverage, mail order, human resources business, healthcare, cosmetics and apparel. If you are in a hurry or have been rejected by other firms as ‘not possible’, please hire our firm.

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