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Determination of business strategy and business plan

Organisation before business planning

In developing a business plan, it is essential to design business strategy, marketing and management. In addition, when the listing examination is conducted, the company must have been operating under the management plan for at least two years, so building up the company’s corporate structure at an early stage will lead to a smooth IPO.

● Items for consideration
Management philosophy/vision
Management strategy/business plan

Management is not something that is designed and completed, but is most meaningful when it leads to management improvement through implementation and verification, and it is important to improve the performance level of the entire company organisation by quantifying each item in order to verify whether the original plan has been implemented or not.

Balanced scorecard


The Balanced Scorecard is a ‘strategic management framework’ and ‘strategic communication’ tool that uses four perspectives: financial, customer, business process, human resources and change. It was published in 1992 by Robert S. Captain of Harvard University, USA, and management consultant David P. Norton. It is an action management frame consisting of a strategy map and a scorecard. This balanced scorecard enables the implementation and validation of quantified plans.