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Chinese digital cockpit evolves with GPT

China Digital Cockpit is about to evolve further by utilising GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer).

The proposed digital cockpit large-scale model OS by China VolcoEngine (the cloud services company of ByteDance, which operates Tiktok) will include a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) in-car assistant, high EQ (Emotional intelligence Quotient) partner, and unlike Open AI’s ChatGPT, it has developed functions specifically for in-car use, enabling command-like things such as setting navigation destinations and playing music, as well as chatty conversations.

VolcoEngine updates, costing USD 20 million a time, are carried out every two weeks to improve performance. Several Chinese OEMs, such as SAIC Passenger Vehicle (SAIC), have already introduced the VolcoEngine operating system to turn their mobile vehicles into intelligent devices.

This section analyses the technological trends by component, focusing on the smarter functions of the digital cockpit, excluding ADAS and automated driving, with a focus on the Chinese digital cockpit.