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What are the future prospects for inverters?

Inverters as a competitive landscape in the electric vehicle component supply chain will be the subject of a project briefing.

Inverters, global electric vehicle sales reached 10 million units in 2022, indicating that BEVs are the main stream for the carbon neutral strategy, but in March 2023, Europe made a decision to allow the sale of carbon neutral fuel (eFuel) in the ZEV sales regulation planned from 2035. The Japanese Government has also made a decision to allow the sale of engine vehicles using carbon-neutral fuel (eFuel) in Japan by the end of July. The Japanese Government is also preparing to announce a large-scale GX strategy with the introduction of a carbon pricing policy as its framework by the end of July, and the Japanese automobile industry’s product and technology strategy will be tested in line with this.

In light of this current situation, Inverter will release the electric vehicle component supply chain and competitive situation, along with a synthetic fuel (eFuel) delving into the potential for the introduction of synthetic fuel (eFuel) worldwide.