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VOREAS Hokkaido reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30% with the pilot introduction of the fossil fuel reduction product SLOW

VOREAS Corporation (President: Kenjiro Ikeda, hereafter VOREAS), operator of the V.LEAGUE DIVISION 2 MEN professional volleyball team VOREAS Hokkaido, has announced the trial installation of the SLOW fossil fuel reduction product at the Hokkaido Okhotsk Ice floe Science Centre GIZA in the Okhotsk Regional Promotion Office area of Hokkaido. The company announced the trial introduction of the SLOW product at the GIZA, Hokkaido’s Okhotsk ice floe science centre, in the jurisdiction of the Hokkaido Okhotsk Promotion Office.

SLOW is a liquid fuel catalyst for fossil fuels, a product that can simultaneously reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions by separating the bonds between molecules to promote complete combustion of the fuel and increase combustion efficiency.

VOREAS announced the VOREAS GREEN DEAL Declaration (hereafter VGD Declaration) in September 2021. At the same time, the company announced the sale of the SLOW liquid fuel catalyst and has been conducting test installations with stakeholders.
More than 20 companies are still testing the product, which has been shown to improve fuel efficiency by up to 30%. The Hokkaido Government is working towards ‘Zero Carbon Hokkaido’, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Hokkaido region to virtually zero by 2050, and as part of its efforts to achieve this, it was decided to test-introduce the liquid fuel catalyst SLOW. The introduction of this system is expected to reduce fuel and CO2 emissions by around 10% in the heavy oil boilers at this facility, based on the results of other locations.