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Toyota and Mazda continue to develop engines.

On 12-14 January 2024, the Tokyo Auto Salon, a custom car festival, was held.

During the festival, where car enthusiasts gathered, representatives from Toyota and Mazda respectively mentioned engine development. Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda emphasised the potential of engines and announced the development of new engines, aiming to develop the Japanese automobile industry together with 5.5 million colleagues, including those involved in the engine industry.

Mazda President Katsuhiro Kegago also announced the revival of a dedicated rotary engine development department for the first time in six years, and announced plans to develop engines for power generation in PHEVs and for hydrogen fuels.

Japanese OEMs are aiming for carbon neutrality and have made multi-pathways, including engines, the mainstay of their strategy to respond flexibly to the changing business environment, as well as to electrification. The fact that the statement was made at a festival where many engine-dominated sports car and SUV enthusiasts gathered shows the seriousness of the company’s commitment to engine development.

This is very exciting news.