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The global motorcycle market is speckled.

Amid inflation, rising interest rates and political unrest worldwide, with the exception of emerging powers with abundant foreign exchange reserves such as China, India and Brazil, many emerging countries with weak economic foundations such as Egypt, Nigeria and Pakistan are facing a debt crisis due to currency depreciation, rising interest rates and foreign currency shortages. In these debt-crisis countries, motorcycle sales fell by 20-50% in 2022 and are expected to remain difficult in 2023.

In contrast, demand for motorcycles is relatively strong in Europe and the USA, with motorcycle sales increasing in countries such as Italy and Spain despite high inflation and rising interest rates. In these countries, the economy and convenience of motorcycles are being reassessed, and demand for scooters for commuting use is particularly strong.

In Asian countries, the largest motorcycle markets, motorcycle sales are growing by double digits in 2022 in countries such as India, Vietnam and Thailand, with the exception of Pakistan, where there is a shortage of foreign currency; in 2023, semi-conductor shortages are easing and supply is returning to normal, but financial conditions are becoming unstable in developed Western countries, The outlook is increasingly uncertain.

This report provides a comprehensive compilation of basic information on motorcycle market trends, including electric vehicles, industry policies and regulations, and manufacturer trends in major countries, and also discusses the outlook for 2023 and beyond.