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The future of the North American green supply chain

PHEV/HEV sales continue to expand strongly, driven by high fuel prices.

In contrast to BEV sales, which continued to grow strongly until the first half of 2023, which began to slow down in the second half of the year, the slowdown in BEV adoption has led to a review of battery investment plans, but investment in eAxle and various electric components, which are used in both BEVs and PHEVs/HEVs, continues to be active.

In addition, efforts continue to be made to achieve net competitiveness, such as in $25,000 cars, as BEV conversion is one of the key solutions in the mid- to long-term carbon neutral strategy.

In addition, the increasing number of electric components and materials for which the supply chain has to be reviewed from an economic security perspective, such as the triggering and strict application of the IRA law, has challenged the optimisation and restructuring of the North American green supply chain, including a review of existing procurement routes.

We will cover the USA and Mexico in autumn 2023 to understand the current status of the North American green supply chain and analyse trends for the future.