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The art of research to decipher the future through in-depth market and IP analysis

In successful new business development, it is important to identify the potential needs of the near future and the future of the industry, which users and competitors are not yet aware of.

By understanding the future of the industry, you can develop technologies and products that anticipate future changes, trends and needs, create markets that have never existed before, and develop unique winning strategies.

However, it is not easy to predict future society, technology and market trends. The difficulty of predicting the future is increasing due to the rapid evolution of technologies such as generation AI, changing regulations and diversifying needs.

In the EV industry, the development strategies of Sony Honda Mobility, China’s BYD, Waymo (US), Apple (US) and Tesla (US), all of which have attracted global attention, are revealed through IP analysis and market research to predict the future of EVs.

1: The basics of IP analysis and its importance

What is IP?
Impact of IP analysis on business
Methodology of IP analysis

2: Examples of the use of IP information in the automotive industry

Case study: threat analysis of automated driving technology
Case study: market impact of electrification technologies
Competitive analysis and market forecasting in practice

3: Industry trends and future forecasts

Understanding industry trends through IP landscape analysis
Methodology and scope of future forecasting
Examples of specific forecasts and their impact

4: Analysis methods in detail and in practice

Boomerang analysis method
Inside-out analysis method
Creating executive summaries with storytelling