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The age of self-painting electricity.

While momentum is building for the widespread use of perovskite solar cells, a start-up has emerged in Japan with technology that could make it easier to spread solar power.

Its selling point is a power-generating ink that enables the realisation of paintable solar cells.

The main feature of the power generation ink is that it can be applied anywhere, and by directly applying the solar cell material to various locations, the function of the solar cell can be added to the applied area.

For example, by applying the power generation ink to the glass, interior and body of a vehicle, a portion of the electricity used by the vehicle can be covered by renewable energy, and by applying the power generation function to the roof, exterior walls and window glass of a building, it can lead to a reduction in a company’s Scope 2 CO2 emissions. emissions and business scale. The company has already received several enquiries from automobile-related manufacturers.