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‘Technical Information Management Certification Scheme’ by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

The ‘Technical Information Management Certification Scheme’ is a system whereby experts check and certify a company’s information security system. The system is the only information security certification operated by the state under the law and is designed to be particularly easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to use, with expert advice available before the audit. By undergoing a third-party check and obtaining technical information management certification, you can actually improve your internal information security system and also use the system to demonstrate to your business partners that you are firmly committed to information security measures.

In addition to introducing the system with examples of companies that have actually obtained certification in the past, the report also touches on the benefits for certified companies that have newly started this year, such as preferential treatment when adopting subsidies for SMEs, such as the Monozukuri Subsidy and Go-Tech Project.

It is also aimed at companies that are about to start information security initiatives and feel that it is still a bit of a hurdle to undergo a third-party audit, for example, so that they can check the status of their own information security in-house only.