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Motorcycle sales in 2022

Motorcycle sales in 111 countries in 2022 decreased by 1.87 million units (3.3%) year-on-year to 54.77 million units due to the impact of China’s Zero Corona policy, high energy prices due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, global inflation, and currency depreciation in emerging markets due to higher interest rates in Europe and the US.2023 is expected to recover to 56 million units as sales are expected to increase in the world’s three largest motorcycle markets of India, China and Indonesia due to the end of China’s zero-corona policy and the easing of semiconductor shortages.
This report will report on the current state of the motorcycle industry, which is changing in the turbulent global situation, based on basic data on sales, production and exports, and will also cover the current state of electric motorcycle sales, which are expanding, especially among emerging manufacturers.