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Minister Vissing is called Mr. eFuel in Japan

Minister Vissing is called Mr. eFuel in Japan” (Fusae Ota, Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and former Governor of Osaka Prefecture)

I have the misfortune of living in Japan and have never heard of him, but I am sure that is what they call him in the Kasumigaseki area. Volker Wissing, German Federal Minister of Digital Transportation.

The German government is aiming for a cumulative total of 15 million BEVs by 2030, but sales of new BEVs have been sluggish. In response to sluggish demand, VW has decided to adjust production at Emden, Zwickau, and Dresden (some production is under consideration). Just as the British government postponed its ban on engine car sales from 2030 to 2035, the German government will likely revise its targets eventually.

This is why there is renewed interest in eFuel. About 80 politicians and experts from 11 countries gathered at the 1st International eFuel Conference to confirm the need for international cooperation to promote eFuel. However, the size of the event was less than expected, and the joint statement that Mr. eFuel was said to have prepared in advance was not adopted.

Under the EU’s CO2 emissions regulations for light-duty vehicles, not only BEVs but also vehicles using eFuel will be allowed to be registered as new vehicles after 2035, but the debate over the definition of eFuel is still ongoing and the conclusion is likely to be delayed until 2024.