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Looking to the future of synthetic fuels (eFuel)

The world is aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral society. Among other things, electric vehicles (BEVs) are seen as the mainstay of the carbon-neutralisation of mobility. However, it is not possible to satisfy all markets, vehicle types, applications and consumer needs with BEVs alone. A multi-pass approach is required, combining hybrid, hydrogen, synthetic fuels (eFuel) and biofuels.

Synthetic fuels (eFuel) have been criticised for their low energy efficiency (less than one-sixth that of BEVs), but most major developed countries rely on imports for energy. Renewable energies are subject to large output fluctuations, and achieving 100% self-sufficiency in developed countries is said to be impossible even in 2050.

Power to X is the most promising solution. eFuel is the most promising solution for this.