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Learning from the world’s leading manufacturers on the disruptive innovativeness of BEVs

The extreme shift to BEVs, which was driven by regulations, is shifting back to HEVs and PHEVs in the second half of 2023 from a market and business perspective.

Gigacast’s BEVs are the first BEVs to be developed in Japan.

GIGACAST technology trends and die-casting technology


The application of die-cast products is also changing with the increasing electrification of automatic carriages. In the past, cases and covers for engine blocks and transmissions were the main applications, but improvements in materials, die-casting and casting technologies have made it possible to apply die-cast products to body chassis, and the use of die-cast products is increasing. In this context, we will introduce the technological trends and technical challenges of large-size die-casting (GIGACAST), which started with its use in rear underbody applications, and our efforts to introduce GIGACAST machines.

Trends and focus of the global e-Axle development competition


The e-Axle, which is intended to replace the conventional engine and transmission as a drive unit due to electrification, is the subject of various proposals aimed at improving overall efficiency and reducing costs. This session will reconfirm what e-Axle is in the first place, focus on trends in China, the largest market for electric vehicles, look back on past examples, decipher the technological trends towards compactness, higher speed and higher voltage, and discuss future directions while also considering the impact on the industrial structure.

Attractiveness of cars changing with OTA and SDV as standard equipment


From running, turning and stopping to recognition, judgment and control, what is going to happen to cogwheel cars with the evolution of semiconductors, coupled with the electrification of the car? In the age of SDV, driving and safety control is integrated with high-performance CPUs, and control software can be updated via OTA to incorporate the latest functions. Qualcomm is expanding its business in a key position to play a vital role in the heart of this. This presentation will provide an introduction to Qualcomm’s auto car business, as well as Qualcomm’s vision for the future of the auto car industry.

Cost reduction competition through battery cell/pack and thermal manoeuvre optimisation


The price of battery cells, which are key to the speed of BEV adoption, has not even reached $100/kWh, contrary to the widely held belief that prices will fall to $0.00/kWh for nickel and close to $0.00/kWh for LFP by 2025. There is no way to mass-produce all-solid-state batteries or to reduce costs. This paper will compare and contrast the efforts being made on the battery pack side to improve thermal management, shock resistance and cost reduction, with a focus on the development of ternary, high nickel and LFP battery cells, and on the premise of ever-increasing prices.