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Latest trends in EV-related business – What are the winning strategies envisioned by the companies?

In FY2023, domestic sales of EVs reached 79,198 units (excluding commercial vehicles).

Although the growth rate is said to have slowed, the number of units is still at a record high. An increasing number of corporations are introducing EVs and utilising them in their operations from the perspective of the SDGs.

At the same time, peripheral businesses for EVs are also active. For example, new businesses such as charging services and energy management have emerged. As the EV value chain expands with the shift to EVs, rather than one company providing services on its own, cooperative groups are being established that utilise the areas of expertise of each company.

In May, the companies announced a basic agreement with Century Tokyo to establish a marketplace utilising EV vehicle data, in collaboration with ZENRIN DATACOM.

What are the aims of the companies involved in EV-related businesses? What effects do they expect from collaboration with other companies? For this edition, we invited Honda Motor, Nissan Motor, Mitsubishi Motors and Century Tokyo to speak about their visions for winning the EV business.