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InterBattery2024, Korea, a number of battery technologies to compete with LFP batteries were unveiled

At InterBattery2024 (Rechargeable Battery Exhibition) in South Korea in March 2024, a number of battery technologies were unveiled to compete with iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which are led by the Chinese.

While LFP batteries are inexpensive, improving energy density is a challenge. In response to these LFP batteries, Korean battery manufacturers LG Energy Solution (LGES), SK On and Samsung SDI presented a number of high energy density battery concepts and mass-produced products based on high nickel batteries.

In particular, Samsung SDI and SK On presented ternary batteries with a nickel ratio level of 91-95% even in high nickel batteries, pushing the performance limits of conventional lithium-ion batteries (LiBs), as well as high It also highlighted technological possibilities, such as replacing a large number of battery cells with a high energy density ternary battery to extend range. As for all-solid-state batteries, which are attracting attention as the next-generation battery, Samsung SDI clarified its target for the start of mass production in 2027.

At the exhibition, Korean battery manufacturers focused on the development and mass production of batteries in order to realise common industry goals of providing BEVs with better cost performance and consumer acceptance in the market, and to survive in the battery competition dominated by Chinese battery makers. The Japanese battery industry has not been very active in recent years. The Japanese battery industry seems to be in a less energetic state these days, but it is expected to lead the industry with its unique Japanese technological strength and reliability.

It will examine and analyse the business development and competitive landscape of major car manufacturers and component suppliers for batteries for global electric vehicles (xEVs). We will conduct a literature survey on the relevant industry, including batteries, both domestically and internationally, as well as direct interviews with industry players, in order to investigate the challenges and future direction of the industry.