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How will generative AI change marketing and customer service operations?

Generative AI technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and has entered an era where it is used extensively in everyday life and business situations.

AI has evolved and spread to such an extent that it is now able to understand commands and queries that people casually use every day in a variety of languages, and to generate a wide range of content, not only text but also images and videos, using natural language input. Such a group of AI functions is now included in the standard CRM systems that dominate the global market.

E-commerce and shop operations using CRM systems will be able to automate the creation of 360-degree views based on customer activity and make product and campaign recommendations based on these views. Furthermore, marketing and customer service operations are also expected to make further contributions in combination with AI.

We provide an overview of how the combination of CRM, AI and data utilisation can contribute to real business and improve the quality of the customer experience, including in shop operations, marketing and customer service.