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GM, Ford and others announce adoption of Tesla’s EV charging standard, making it the de facto North American standard

Tesla’s EV charging standard is likely to become the ‘North American standard’ in the future: between May and July 2023, Ford, GM, Volvo Car, M-Benz, Nissan and others have announced their intention to adopt Tesla’s proprietary EV charging connectors and charging ports in North America (North American Charging Standard: NACS= North American Charging Standard) in North America. Furthermore, the US SAE has issued a statement that NACS will be standardised in June 2023.

Not all vehicle manufacturers have announced the adoption of NACS as of July 2023, but US mainstays GM and Ford have announced their intention to adopt the standard. The fact that GM and Ford have decided to adopt NACS, which is the mainstay of the US market, suggests that NACS, rather than CCS, will become the North American standard in the future.

Looking at the number of BEVs owned (cumulative sales) by brand, Tesla has secured 66% of the total BEV fleet with approximately 1.5 million units at the end of 2022. This overwhelming difference is one of the factors determining the de facto status of the company, as there is a large gap with Nissan (approx. 180 000 units) and Chevrolet (approx. 150 000 units), which are the next most common BEVs. However, in addition to GM and M-Ben, which have decided to adopt NACS, a total of seven companies – Stellantis, BMW, Honda, Hyundai and Kia – announced on 26 July 2023 that they will establish a joint venture company by the end of the year to develop fast chargers; they will start installing chargers (compatible with both NACS and CCS) in the US in summer 2024, with a total The company’s grandiose plans, including the standardisation of EV recharging standards, require renewed attention.