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Global Automotive Policy

Even after the end of the pandemic, global new vehicle sales have been unable to recover to previous levels as the direct impact of the semiconductor shortage and the war in Ukraine = soaring energy and food prices and the indirect impact = infrastructure progress and economic slowdown spread across the world.
The major changes that have taken place in the global automotive industry over the past few years are investigated and analysed on regional and thematic axes through six monthly automotive research reports, providing those involved with indispensable guidelines and indicators for management decision-making.

The focus is on global policy, regulatory and taxation trends, as well as intergovernmental agreements and trade policy, with a focus on trends in global regulatory and institutional changes that have been the starting point for change. The biggest themes include the world’s carbon neutrality policy and the ZEV regulations aimed at realising this goal, fuel efficiency regulations and internal combustion engine vehicle sales regulations. Trends in changing energy and trade policy from a security perspective, strengthened by the Corona disaster, semiconductor shortages and the war in Ukraine, are also important themes in the Law and Policy Monthly Report. Information will be shared with a focus on the latest developments in the recently announced US CAFE regulatory policy and the frontline of friction between the US and China.

Combined with regional automotive surveys from around the world, Asia, Japan and China, and thematic automotive surveys on technology, law and policy, the report provides a historical and global picture of the situation surrounding the global automotive industry.