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German car manufacturer’s relationship with Bundesliga football team

Audi recently announced that it will provide a company car for FC Bayern Munich players to use in the new season: the RS e-tron GT, Q8 e-tron, Q8 Sportback e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron BEV models will be provided for the players. The RS e-tron GT, Q8 e-tron, Q8 Sportback e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron BEV models are available for the competitors. Key players such as Thomas Muller, Leroy Sane and Joshua Kimmich have opted for the RS e-tron GT. The cars used by the players last season will also be sold as used cars, and buyers will also receive a shirt signed by the players.

Audi has a long-term sponsorship partnership with Bayern Munich and has a partial shareholding in Bayern Munich. Mercedes-Benz has also supported local club VfB Stuttgart for many years and has a stake in the club, while Porsche has also sponsored Stuttgart since this year and is also considering an investment (the name of the stadium has changed from Mercedes-Benz Arena to VW has a 100% shareholding in the local club VfL Wolfsburg and fully supports the club’s operations; Audi also has a nearly 20% shareholding in the local team FC Ingolstadt 04. Audi also owns nearly 20% of the shares in the local team FC Ingolstadt 04. Incidentally, the acquisition of shares in teams in the first and second Bundesliga is allowed for up to three clubs, but if Ingolstadt, which is in the third division this season, can return to the second division, Porsche’s investment in Stuttgart will not be possible.

The following section introduces the support and sponsorship of German football teams by German car manufacturers, but there are many examples of car manufacturers sponsoring the chests of leading teams in Europe, or sponsoring competitions such as the Champions League, to promote their products.