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From internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles from a global perspective

The Global Automotive Survey analyses a wide range of competitive relationships and other factors from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles from a global perspective, while at the same time analysing and providing news on trends in global automobile production and sales.

The automotive industry is increasingly focusing on electric vehicles, particularly BEVs, against the backdrop of the European Commission’s Fit for 55 package proposal and the Biden administration’s (from January 2021) shift in US environmental policy. ) plans have been announced one after another. Furthermore, some car manufacturers are aiming to stop developing internal combustion engine vehicles and switch exclusively to BEVs. In addition to market leader Tesla, new BEV-specific manufacturers such as Rivian and Lucid are opening new plants, and the automotive industry is now approaching a turning point.

Aggregate vehicle sales (including some estimates) in 84 countries as of May 2023 were down 1.3% year-on-year to 81.45 million units, and although they did not fall below 80 million units as they did in 2020 (78.86 million units), they were 10.7% lower than in 2019 (before the Corona disaster), and the number of On a volume basis, sales fell by 9.72 million units. Sales in emerging Asian countries were strong, but developed Western countries were hit by economic stagnation due to supply chain disruptions and product supply shortages, as well as high prices, rising inflation and increasing geopolitical tensions.

By country, China, the leading country, exceeded its pre-scarpe level, while India entered the top three for the first time. On the other hand, developed countries such as the USA, Germany and Japan all saw year-on-year declines, in stark contrast to the emerging Asian economies.

Despite the focus on electric vehicles, there is no doubt that the market will still be dominated by internal combustion engine vehicles in 2022. However, in addition to trends related to electric vehicles, which can be described as a next-generation industry, this report analyses the automobile and parts industries, particularly in Europe and the US, and the business trends/strategies of manufacturers, ranging from internal combustion engine vehicles, which form the core of the conventional automobile industry. In addition to the sales and production of vehicles in some 90 countries and the monthly sales of electric vehicles in 42 countries around the world, special features dedicated to electric vehicles and special reports on global component suppliers are also of great importance.