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ETIC. launches a business development project with support from J.P. Morgan to create leading examples of Just Transition from SMEs.

With support from J.P. Morgan, the non-profit organisation ETIC. has launched a programme to promote business development for SMEs to realise Just Transition in the region. was launched.

The programme ‘Justra!’, launched by ETIC, targets SMEs that drive local industry and aims to promote collaboration with various stakeholders to realise a Just Transition in the community, and to develop and support business plans for the creation of sustainable businesses.

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, there has been a need to shift and change business structures to combat climate change and realise a decarbonised society. Just Transition in this programme means ‘a fair transition in which no one is left behind as the socio-economy shifts towards a greener direction’. Through the programme, we will promote business development that puts ‘just transition’ at the forefront as communities move towards decarbonisation.

J.P. Morgan will provide the grant and ETIC will manage and facilitate the programme as a whole over a two-year period, starting in February 2023.

The programme provides an opportunity for SMEs that drive regional industry to promote business development for a fair transition in the region. The programme will include a visit to the Danish island of Loran, which has an electricity self-sufficiency rate of over 700%, providing an opportunity to learn about examples and processes related to fair transition not only in Japan but also in other countries. We are also considering opportunities to visit the regions of the participating companies to wall-check and refine each other’s local business development. Ultimately, we plan to promote fair transition throughout Japan by disseminating the results of business plans and visions conceived through this programme.