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Earth NASA School Bags Ordering Event at Tour de Brain Saitama Cocoon Store

CHIKYU Co., Ltd, which designs and sells school bags, will hold an ‘Earth NASA School Bags Ordering Event’ at the Saitama Cocoon Store of Tour de Brain in Saitama, Japan.

The exhibition will feature about 40 items, including Earth NASA Randoseru® using the shock-absorbing material Temperform developed for NASA, WWF models using sustainable materials, and Prelude.

What is Earth NASA Randoseru?

Earth NASA Randoseru incorporates a shock-absorbing material developed for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) called Temperform, which reduces the burden on children who carry a lot of luggage every day and makes the school bags child-friendly. By combining the experience and technical skills we have cultivated over the years with the latest technology, we create school bags that no other company can match. We not only pursue cutting-edge science, but also use environmentally friendly materials, aiming to create school bags that are kind to the earth and to children.

Liberte balloon model
The largest capacity model of the Earth NASA school bag for girls, Le ciel de la liberté Let’s flap our wings towards our dreams! Because the sky is right in front of you, where you can fly freely. The new model has a balloon motif. Fly freely in the big sky. Like a bright and hopeful start on a journey.

Liberté aire.
A new adult girly series with a gradient-coloured design of small birds and feathers that will last for six years. The four colours are so fashionable that it is difficult to choose, such as the trendy lilac and mint.

The MELANGE series means “mixing” in French. The five-colour range makes this an attractive school bag that can be enjoyed by both men and women alike.

The YOLO series stands for ‘You only live once’. The highly design-oriented asymmetry of the cufflinks creates an innovative randoseru full of individuality. You only live once, and a school bag is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Our wish is that your child will have something they love.