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CO2 visualisation SaaS TansoCheck manufactures environmentally friendly card cases for the TOYOTA UPCYCLE PROJECT

Tansoman GX Corporation manufactured a collaborative product for the TOYOTA UPCYCLE PROJECT in sympathy with its activities.

This project is an initiative led by Toyota Motor Corporation to realise carbon neutrality and aims to reduce waste, make effective use of resources and reduce environmental impact.

Tansoman GX has been contributing to the promotion of GX by companies, mainly through its TansoCheck, a SaaS for CO2 emissions visualisation, and support for GX subsidy applications. With this project, Tansoman GX will contribute to UPCYCLE activities in the automotive industry and beyond.

The TOYOTA UPCYCLE PROJECT is an initiative promoted by Toyota Motor Corporation to promote carbon neutrality, aiming to build a sustainable society by transforming discarded automobile parts and materials into new products such as pen cases and card cases. Companies from the automotive industry and many other sectors are participating in this project, and the initiative is expanding with the introduction of UPCYCLE products and participation in workshops.
Tansoman GX provides total support to companies to promote GX, from visualisation of CO2 emissions to financial support.

Through this project, Tansoman GX will actively promote the introduction of UPCYCLE products with the aim of reducing waste and utilising resources effectively. We will also strive to promote education in the area of GX for companies and organisations and raise awareness to pass on a sustainable society to the next generation.