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China is a benchmark market for smart BEVs

The launch of smart BEVs with connected and digital cockpits is booming in China.

The Xiaomi SU7, launched in March 2024, attracted a lot of attention. Furthermore, in May, Ji Ji Automobile (IM Motors), an NEV manufacturer under the umbrella of the Shangqi Group and also funded by IT company Alibaba, launched the L6, marking its full-scale entry into the smart BEV market.

The L6 offers new in-car entertainment proposals using on-board cameras, as well as a more personalised cockpit using connected systems. It also offers a new driving experience through integrated chassis and powertrain control, and is the world’s first mass-produced vehicle to feature a semi-solid state battery, extending the vehicle’s cruising range.

The Chinese smart BEV is also considered to be a benchmark for Japanese OEMs planning to commercialise high value-added BEVs such as SDVs.