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China CSAE released the “Roadmap for the Convergence Development of Intelligent and Connected Convergence Based on C-V2X (Draft for Collecting Opinions)”

In September 2023, the China Society of Automotive Engineering (CSAE, equivalent to the Society of Automotive Engineers), in collaboration with Chinese government think tanks in transport, public security, telecommunications and other fields, published the ‘C-V2X-based Intelligent and Connected Convergence Development Roadmap (opinion collection draft)’.

The roadmap aims to further enhance safety by combining ADAS and C-V2X in the future. The roadmap aims to further increase safety by combining ADAS and C-V2X in the future.

It has been more than eight months since BYD’s entry into the Japanese passenger car market with the launch of the Atto3 at the end of January 2023. The hurdles to business expansion appear to be quite high, as this is the first ever full-scale entry of a Chinese brand into the Japanese passenger car market, and in addition, the product line consists solely of BEVs, which are slow to spread in Japan.

We interviewed BYD Auto Japan President Tofukuji. In the interview, we were able to talk frankly about a wide range of topics, including the start-up transition, efforts to build a sales network in Japan, what kind of brand the company wants to establish, aftermarket parts, and measures to promote the entry of new vehicles.