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Casio’s unique approach to appealing to the automotive industry.

When you hear the name Casio Computer, what immediately comes to mind is probably the G-Shock, calculators, keyboards as musical instruments and digital cameras. Casio is now trying to approach the automobile industry. For people who make their living in the automobile industry, CASIO is a company that they have little to do with in their work. But it is also very unique in its approach.

Casio Computer is appealing to the automotive industry with a projector that is often used in meetings. By changing the way of thinking, Casio is now promoting the use of these projectors at production sites as a solution for improving efficiency and reducing labour shortages. FOURIN interviewed key personnel from Casio about the background to this initiative, as well as how such a unique perspective came about. The interview is available for interested parties. We think you will find it eye-opening.