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Activities to inform students about initiatives to reduce food loss and the SDGs in food introduces its SDG activities to four students from Nakayama Junior High School in Sendai, who visited the school on a school excursion.

Ltd., which mainly sells fresh and gourmet food products online, introduced the SDG activities it implements to junior high school students in May 2024. The aim is to help students understand how the food sector can contribute to the formation of a sustainable society, and is part of food education activities to develop human resources with an interest in the food sector of the future.

A mini-tour of the Toyosu Market fruit and vegetable building was conducted for four students from Sendai Municipal Nakayama Junior High School, who visited on a school trip. In the classroom lecture, the students were introduced to initiatives such as the ‘Eat and Support School Lunch’ and the ‘Genki Itadakimasu Project’ at Corona Misaki, which support food that would otherwise become food loss, and efforts to reduce food loss through the development of new food products.

The students were surprised by the variety of food markets they saw for the first time and showed a strong interest in food culture activities. During the Q&A session, they actively asked questions and gained a deeper understanding of the relationship between food loss reduction and the development of a sustainable society.