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Permit support at a glance

What are permits and approvals?

When conducting business, there are certain types of businesses that require administrative procedures such as permits, approvals, registrations and notifications from the national government, prefectures or municipalities. For example, a construction licence for the construction industry, a building contractor’s licence for the real estate industry, a general passenger motor vehicle transport business licence for taxis, and a general worker dispatch business licence for the temporary staffing industry. Businesses that require permission, registration or other procedures from these administrative authorities are collectively referred to as licensed businesses. When operating a licensed business, it is necessary to clear the respective licensing and registration requirements and then to obtain a licence through regular procedures. If you are caught operating a business without obtaining a licence or authorisation, you will be unable to operate the business for five years in most cases as you have a history of violations of the Business Act due to illegal business, leading to a loss of social credibility, so you need to be very careful. When starting a new business, please contact us to find out whether a licence is required.

Licences and approvals handled by the firm

General management of medical corporations (establishment approval, management, amendment of articles of association, business succession, M&A)
Secondhand dealer permits
Permits for transport operations
Management notification of freight and light motor transport business
Type 1 freight forwarding business registration
Second-class freight forwarding business permit
General lorry transport business permit
Specified freight motor transport business permit
General passenger motor transport business operation permit
General chartered passenger motor transport business operation permit
General passenger motor transport business licence
Care taxi
Permit for private motor vehicle transport for compensation by visiting caregivers, etc.
Registration of motor vehicle collection business
Registration of fluorocarbon recovery business
Automobile dismantling business licence
Automobile shredding licence
Automobile dismantling (shredding) diagnosis
Worker dispatch business (general personnel dispatch business)
Fee-charging employment placement business licences (recruitment agencies)
Private taxis
Pawnshop business licences
Agricultural land conversion
Registration of architectural firms
Construction business licence
Registration as an electrical contractor
Liquor sales licence
Application for Privacy Mark certification
Application for ISO certification

We can also deal with other permits and licences not listed above through various channels, so please do not hesitate to contact us.