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Tokyo Financial Prize 2023 Financial Innovation Category Support Programme participants selected

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) established the Tokyo Financial Awards in 2018 (Heisei 30) to invite and award FinTech companies that aim to develop innovative financial products and services that contribute to solving the problems of Tokyo residents and others, as well as businesses that implement outstanding initiatives in ESG investment.
This year’s call for entries for the Financial Innovation category attracted a record number of 117 applicants from 27 countries and regions, including Japan. As a result of the initial screening, the following 16 companies were selected to participate in the support programme.

BlackSwan Technologies Inc (Israel)
Provides multiple AI-based application creation platforms to financial institutions. It supports the collection and analysis of information on, for example, the prevention of financial crime and money laundering.

Carbon Credit Market LLC (USA)
Provides a marketplace for trading carbon credits and clean energy tokenised by blockchain.

Credit Engine Corporation (Japan)
Provides a platform for digitising loan applications for guarantee association loans.

CyCal Trust K.K. (Japan)
Provides a platform that guarantees authenticity by utilising Web 3.0. It supports the strengthening of semiconductor supply chains and the verification of the authenticity of mission-critical infrastructure equipment.

Desiderata Impact Ventures Private Limited (India)
Automatically obtains information required for financing from leading manufacturers and their retailers through a platform that integrates business activities and financing procedures. It contributes to the efficiency of the financing process as well as the automation of business processes.

●Earthtide Labs OÜ (Estonia)
Provides a carbon credit exchange issued by regeneration projects such as mangrove and fuel engine performance improvement.

Fresh Supply Co Pty Ltd (Australia)
Tokenises information on agricultural products and supply chains. It provides financial institutions with the information necessary for agricultural businesses to obtain loans, thereby contributing to the speeding up of financing.

iChain Corporation (Japan)
Provides a platform that allows users to apply for related insurance on an e-commerce website.

Impact Circle K.K. (Japan)
Provides a platform that enables impact investment. Analyses and visualises the social impact of investment projects based on data and other information, and provides this information to investors.

Inovat Ltd (UK)
Provides a service that enables overseas travellers to complete tax refund procedures digitally.

LIFEFAB Corporation (Japan)
Provides a pension dashboard that visualises the money needed for 100 years of life. It also provides financial education content to support asset building.

MEBAIS Corporation (Japan)
Provides AI-based receipt checking and analysis tools for medical institutions.

Nomura Research and Advisory Co.
Together with Japan Search Fund Accelerator Inc. The fund connects potential managers with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to support smooth business succession and subsequent corporate growth.

Poco Inc (Singapore)
Provides a variety of payment methods based on legal tender for the purchase of assets such as NFTs in Web 3.0 games.

Protosure, Inc (USA)
Provides insurance companies with a system that enables them to design insurance products with no code.