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New business strategies for Toyota Group suppliers.

Analyse the overview and latest trends of new businesses undertaken by 10 Toyota Gr. suppliers.

We investigate and analyse the management issues, new business promotion systems and business portfolio reforms of the 10 Toyota Gr. suppliers, as well as their studies and initiatives to create new product areas by applying their unique technologies for in-vehicle use. The mobility sector is considering new businesses of multiple significance, with the solution of social issues as an important management strategy, and the reality is that suppliers are also entering the B-to-C market. What are the challenges for new businesses?

The ten Toyota Group suppliers are involved in a wide range of product fields, including electrified products, ADAS, engine components, electrical components, interior and exterior components, body components, suspension components, materials and resources. This section reports on specific initiatives to create products and systems in new areas to contribute to the evolution of mobility beyond the car and society as a whole, by applying the diverse technologies that have contributed to the evolution of the car.

There has been a rapid technological evolution brought about by the CASE response, and we are actively working to reduce environmental impact and improve business efficiency, particularly in the environmental field by applying the know-how we have developed in electrification technology and in the logistics field by applying ADAS-related technologies and connected technologies such as automated driving.

In addition to the above, there is a growing trend to utilise the various technologies that have contributed to the evolution of the car in fields other than the car, and in addition to the logistics sector, the companies are developing a wide range of fields where their unique technologies can contribute, such as the medical and nursing care sector, the agricultural sector and the quality of life (QOL) sector, and are developing them into businesses that contribute to society and are profitable. There is a move to develop these businesses into ones that contribute to society and are also profitable. This trend can be seen not only among car manufacturers but also among suppliers.

Toyota Gr. companies, which play a leading role in their respective product fields, have recognised that there is a gap in their growth strategies between their traditional business activities and the growth curve they are aiming for.