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Make-up cosmetics provided by KOSÉ and Kao, co-hosting an awareness-raising event using ballpoint pens to newly upcycled ballpoint pens.

KOSÉ Corporation and Kao Corporation support the activities of Mohngata Corporation, which manufactures and sells paints and other colour materials made from upcycled make-up cosmetics that have fulfilled their role, and provide make-up cosmetics that were not ultimately turned into products in the process of quality pursuit and quality control in the laboratory.

The make-up cosmetics provided by KOSÉ and Kao have now been transformed by Moongata into the SminkArt pen, a water-based biros, trial production of which began in September 2023 and will be offered at various events organised by KOSÉ and Kao from 2024. KOSÉ and Kao will continue to work together in the future.
In the future, KOSÉ and Kao will promote collaborative efforts in the area of sustainability for consumers, such as jointly organising educational events using the SminkArt pen, which is made from upcycled make-up cosmetics from both companies.
In addition, with technical cooperation from Sakura Crespus Co Ltd, Moongata will start developing a water-based ballpoint pen in July 2022, with the aim of a general release around autumn 2024.

Since October 2021, KOSÉ and Kao have been collaborating in the area of sustainability in the cosmetics business with the aim of realising a sustainable society, and in April 2022, as a first step, KOSÉ and Kao began promoting the ‘cosmetics plastic bottle horizontal recycling initiative’ as well as the ‘cosmetics recycling for paint, etc. initiative”. We are continuing our activities to provide make-up cosmetics that did not become final products in the process of quality pursuit and quality control in our laboratories to Mångaata. In addition to customer events using paint upcycled from these make-up cosmetics, KOSÉ uses ecosme ink, a printing ink also made from make-up cosmetics, for printing on packaging materials such as gift boxes and shopper bags. Kao has also promoted initiatives using upcycled colour materials, such as colouring events using paints and hands-on art events for children.

 The addition of highly versatile ballpoint pens to the upcycled make-up cosmetics range is expected to further expand the range of initiatives. The prototype SminkArt pen was created by combining make-up cosmetics from both KOSÉ and Kao, and will be available in multiple colours. KOSÉ, as an official sponsor, plans to use the pen in the Beauty Studio pavilion at KidZania Tokyo, providing children with an opportunity to experience the upcycling of cosmetics. Through a variety of internal and external applications, Kao will provide opportunities to enjoy a different kind of colouring with the beautiful colours and diverse textures that only sustainable cosmetics can offer. KOSÉ and Kao are also considering jointly organising events for consumers using the SminkArt pen.